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Thank you for visiting Behavioral Achievements. We are a Las Vegas based clinic that specializes in behavior and autism therapy using Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) techniques. At Behavioral Achievements, we believe that all children are born as individuals who are wonderfully unique in their own special way. Our view is that each child with behavior issues has an individualized approach to how they hear and see the world. We know that each child has the ability to thrive, and we are here to help them unlock their potential through proven ABA solutions.

Our Approach to ABA Therapy

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Behavioral Achievements knows that behavior and autism therapy tied to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is not a one size fits all solution. After a child is diagnosed, we utilize proven ABA techniques to develop an understanding of what is causing a child to display their behavior. Every step we take is in tandem with the child’s caregivers to ensure the behavior intervention plans are appropriate for solving problematic behaviors. Our initial process is to meet with caregivers and family members to receive a better understanding of behaviors exhibited by a child. We then perform the appropriate observations and assessments to develop goals specific to the child. The solutions are designed to target areas including:

  • Development of Language and Communication Skills
  • Improvement of Attention, Focus, Social Skills, Memory, Academics, and More
  • Decrease Problematic Behavior
  • Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT)

In addition, we schedule frequent caregiver meetings, including giving caregivers access to our data collection to ensure they can monitor the progress made by the child.

Why Choose Our Therapy Center

Exceptional Care

Exceptional Care

At Behavioral Achievements, we are not just about watching the children. We believe passion drives us to help those who currently have a unique voice which sometimes is not similar to the rest of society. In other words, this passion leads us to exceptional care which we define as a key component for ensuring achievable behavior goals.

Customized Treatment Plans

Customized Treatment Plans

Customized behavior plan development is on a per-patient basis. Like in life, there is no template to copy and paste between individuals. We ensure optimal solutions custom tailored for each unique patient.

Positive and Frequent Communication

Positive and Frequent Communication

Success starts with communication. Professional staff are trained to communicate all aspects of treatment to ensure that caretakers and families know the progress of their loved ones.

Methods of Coverage

Insurance Coverage

Our current list of providers is growing. If yours is not on this list, please email us to determine if it is in process or if there may be alternative payment methods


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