Caregiver Resources

There are many aspects to ABA that are sometimes overwhelming and intimidating. We are here to help! We are always trying to expand this list and hope that we can help guide those in the community to better understand the aspects of ABA. For those already enrolled in our services, they can find resources such as current policies and forms.

Parents/Guardians New to ABA

What is ABA?

After receiving a diagnosis, many parents/guardians are told they should get in touch with an ABA provider. However, not all parents know what this means. Below, we try to answer some of the common questions of what ABA is, and how it can affect your child.

Caregiver's Guide to ABA

Once it is decided that your child will attend ABA caregivers often ask what is the process involved, what is expected of me, or how will I know what to do? The following guide walks parents through how ABA services get started and what is needed from them.

Current Rights, Consent, & Policies

For those who have signed on to our services, as well as those who are looking to get started, we believe in transparency of services and try to ensure our policies and practices stay up to date as much as possible. For a comprehensive set of policies, caregivers can download the latest version of the Caregiver Policies and Handbook by clicking the green button above.

We always encourage parents to ask questions, get involved with the treatments, and make sure they feel comfortable with the services we provide. As part of our transparency, we also believe that rights and policies should be available even after signing the forms at intake. All of the rights and policies listed below should be reviewed if individuals wish to know more about our services, how we operate, and the ethical and protective codes we follow.


It is a requirement for parents/guardians to ensure all information remains up to date to keep services active. The following forms are available for download, which can then be printed and signed for return to the front desk.

Client Information Update

Provide updates to insurance information, name changes, address, phone number, and any other relevant information necessary to maintain service.

Authorization to Release Information

Provide authorization for coordination between Behavioral Achievements and another agency (OT, speech, medical, etc.).

Authorization for Pickup

Provide updated names, phone numbers, and relations for individuals who have been authorized to pick up your child.