Informed Consent

During intake, the parent/guardian signed the Informed Consent agreement and agrees to have their child evaluated/treated through Behavioral Achievements, LLC. The parent/guardian understands that these services are based on an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) model and are provided by a professional trained in ABA. The parent/guardian understands that state laws may require that confidentiality be broken under certain circumstances, specifically, if the child is judged by the Behavior Analyst to be in danger to the parent/guardian and/or others, gravely disabled, or if there is suspected child abuse.

The parent/guardian further understands that Behavioral Achievements, LLC specializes in the evaluation and treatment of problem behaviors as well as skill acquisition, and if Behavioral Achievements, LLC is unable to meet the child(ren)’s needs, the parent/guardian will be referred to an appropriate agency or individual.

Services: Behavioral Achievements, LLC implements Applied Behavior Analysis for its services. A variety of techniques are integrated and utilized during treatment. Parents/guardians will be encouraged to practice various skills introduced in sessions. A treatment plan with specific goals will be explored and updated according to treatment plan schedules. Recommendations for additional treatment and/or intensive treatment may be made, if needed. Information will be limited to accommodate confidentiality with children of all ages. Family involvement is an important part of treatment. Children under the age of 18 will require an authorized parent/guardian signature to receive any form of treatment or assessment.

Concerns about services may be directed to Daniece Kern at 702-577-2606,, or