Dual Relationships / Gift Giving

Caregiver Interactions with staff and Dual Relationships

The nature of our business can often be personal because we work so intensely with each other frequently. For this reason, we mandate that Caregivers maintain a friendly relationship with staff members but not a personal relationship. Caregivers acknowledge that any relationship outside the clinical service or therapeutic service is completely inappropriate.

Under the code of ethical conduct for clinical services and behavior analysts, we are not allowed to work with you in any other capacity except as your consultant or behavior therapist. If Behavioral Achievements staff work in your home or at a remote site with your child, it is not appropriate for you to leave the premises at any time or to ask our staff to take your child to some other location that is not directly related to our services.

A dual relationship is any time two people have more than one relationship (for example: an RBT attends the same gym as their client’s parent). Behavioral Achievements staff are trained to never engage in any dual relationship with clients that can be exploitative or sexual in nature. In addition, the Caregivers must bring to the attention of Behavioral Achievement’s management a dual relationship as they arise. It is important to acknowledge that multiple relationships are not always unethical, avoidable, or unexpected. Rather, they are fairly common, especially in the communities and circles we live in. We will assess the risks carefully before entering into any dual relationships with clients and their families. We encourage families to consider any risks to the client and family before engaging in dual relationships with those that have a current or former professional relationship.

Dual relationships include but are not limited to, babysitting, acting as the nanny, bartering of services or goods, friendships, sexual relationships, etc. This pertains to past and present employees. Behavioral Achievements staff are not permitted to engage in these types of dual relationships.

Behavioral Achievements strives to hire the best; however, at times people may leave our company for various reasons. In those instances, we also do not encourage families to hire or have dual relationships with our past or present staff members. Due to confidentiality held with our staff members and parents, direct details about why a staff member left the company are prohibited. This is for the protection of Behavioral Achievements and our clients.

Caregivers acknowledge that Behavioral Achievements does not ever allow employees to transport clients or client family members.

Gift Giving Policy

We really appreciate that a family, at times, especially over the holidays, likes to express their gratitude for the staff that provide services to their family through gift giving. However, according to our professional codes of conduct, all employed staff and all trainees are not able to accept gifts including store gift cards, food, clothing, tickets to events, housing, access to vehicles, and other tangible items. Please feel free to have your child express their gratitude in other ways, such as cards, donations to charities, etc.