Pickup and Dropoff

The staff at Behavioral Achievements have a set schedule requiring them to be ready for their clients’ arrival and release from services. We try to provide the same quality services to each client by ensuring when they arrive, they are given the greatest care possible. At Behavioral Achievements, we also understand unforeseen circumstances that may lead to a late arrival, pickup, cancellation, or a change in who will be picking up your child. While we understand these issues arise, we also know that each child needs to be given the best opportunity to reach their behavioral goals. For this reason, the following policies are in effect:


It is recommended that guardians or caregivers show up 5 minutes before the session appointments. This will allow for the office staff of Behavioral Achievements to let your child “settle down” and allows the parents extra time prior to the appointment to meet and go over anything necessary (i.e., how the morning went, with the RBT working with your child. If arrival is 10 minutes early or more, it is possible that you will have to wait in the lobby or until 5 minutes before the scheduled appointment.

Late Arrivals

If you are going to be late to drop off your child, you must notify the front desk no later than 15 minutes after your appointment start time to avoid being considered a “late arrival”. Continual communication is required to not be considered a “late arrival”.

You will be considered a “late arrival” if you arrive more than 15 minutes late from the appointment start time without having notified someone from the front desk. In addition, your child’s RBT will be sent home for the day, services will not be provided, and you will also be considered a “no show.”

Authorization for Pickups

During intake, Caregivers are required to provide a list of individuals who are authorized to pick up their child. Caregivers are responsible for maintaining this list to ensure that only authorized individuals may pick up their child(ren). If a new individual needs to be authorized, please inform the front desk immediately. They will have an authorized Caregiver complete the form to ensure only the appropriate individuals are picking up the children. 


If there is an emergency and someone who has not been authorized to pick up the child is sent in your stead, please contact the front desk immediately and let them know the individual who will be picking up the child. Otherwise, if an individual has not been authorized for pickup, Behavioral Achievements will only release the child pending a call to the parent, with their approval, as well as obtaining a photocopy of the driver’s license for the individual picking up the child. However, on the Caregiver’s next visit, the Caregiver must complete an updated Authorization for Pickup form to ensure the new individual is added.

Late Pickups

Late pickups are not allowed and if abused, will cause your child to lose their spot at Behavioral Achievements. In addition, if you are late to drop off, that does not mean your child will get a new pickup time based on the lateness of your arrival. Pickup times remain the same regardless of when you arrive.


Example: If you are scheduled from 9 AM to 3 PM, and you show up at 9:15 AM instead, you do not arrive at 3:15 PM (15 minutes late) to make up for the late arrival. The pickup time will still be 3 PM.


If you are going to be late picking your child up, you must notify the front desk 15 minutes before your appointment end time to avoid being considered a “late arrival”. Continual communication is required to not be considered a “late arrival.”


You will be considered a “late arrival” when you arrive later than your designated pickup time without having notified someone from the front desk. We also understand that various appointments can run long. However, scheduling them close to pick-up time will not be considered a valid excuse for being late.

Consequences of too many “Late Arrivals”

Being marked as a “late arrival”, either at pick up or drop off, more than 4 times within 30 days could result in the removal of services and placement back onto the waitlist until your turn becomes available again.