Leaves of Absence / Cancelations

Leaves of Absence

We, at Behavioral Achievements, encourage and support the idea that all families need breaks and should spend time together. All leaves of absence require communication with the front desk, not the RBT assigned to your child. If you anticipate an extended leave of absence for your child, you must inform Behavioral Achievements. At least a 2-day notice is required to schedule a leave of absence (1 to 2 days) for events such as doctor appointments, school events, etc. A minimum of 7-day notice is required for an extended leave of absence that will last more than 3 consecutive days. If there is a need to plan for an extended leave of absence from services at Behavioral Achievements of more than 1 week, please inform the front desk. Extended leaves of absence not scheduled with Behavioral Achievements fall within the categories of either “late arrival” or “no show” which is further discussed in the section titled Pickup and Dropoff Expectations.

When scheduling a leave of absence, it is at the sole discretion of management at Behavioral Achievements to determine how long to hold a space for your child(ren). This will be weighed on the needs of the request (i.e., vacation, family emergency, transportation issues, etc.). If Behavioral Achievements deems the extended leave of absence to be too long, your child(ren) may be moved from the active roster to the last spot in the waitlist. This will require your child(ren) to wait their turn for their opportunity to receive services once again.


Those who need to coordinate a leave of absence for their child(ren) for any reason must communicate these schedule changes with the front desk staff. RBTs are not responsible for informing the front desk of any changes. You are considered a “no show” when:

  • you do not provide a 24-hour notice by contacting someone at the front desk either by phone or in person,
  • you miss an entire week of service with no communication,
  • you have an unscheduled cancelation, which includes canceling within a 24-hour period of your child’s scheduled service.

If any of the following conditions are met, it could result in the removal of services and placement back onto the waitlist until your turn becomes available again:

  • you have four unscheduled cancellations within a 30-day period,
  • you have two consecutive unscheduled missed appointments,
  • or a total of four missed appointments (either unscheduled or scheduled) within a 30-day period.